Born in 1992 and raised in a Belgian city near the coast, Sharon Boucquez always got the full support from her parents to develop herself. She followed a creative education in highschool and studied Interiordesign in KASK (Ghent) from 2010 – 2012.

Sharon Boucquez started modelling in 2008 and so she discovered a new passion, fashion. She decided to quit her studies and worked at retail for two years.

Meanwhile she started a course in Fashion & Theatercostume in the Westhoek Academy in Koksijde. She was taught by Marijke Sileghem, the right hand of Belgian designer Kaat Tilley (died in 2012).

In 2014 Sharon chose a full time education Fashiondesign in Syntra Roeselare and graduated in 2016 with her collection “Fight like a Warrior”.

She has knowledge of both confection and couture, sketching, making the patterns, illustration, and making the prototype and the end result.


Sharon Boucquez makes women couture with a dark twist, she calls it “dark fashion”. Her inspiration comes from historical fashion, fantasy art and the gothic subculture. She wants to elevate this subculture to a higher level under the name of  “Haute Gothure”. Female elegance and comfortable fabrics are her biggest priorities. Women should feel like a queen or a mythical creature and live their fantasy life.

She’s specialized in evening gowns and dresses for special occasions like balls, perfomance, photoshoots, etc.